Conexum URC

Conexum is a universal remote control which features code library update through smart device and can act as an IR extender for controlling home audio-visual devices.

Photo of joyful couple watching TV and using remote control
  • Controls up to 4 devices (TV, STB, STREAMING, AUD)


  • 49 keys covering all your audio-visual control needs
  • Supporting smartphone application available


  • Find my remote function


  • LED indication
Manager with smartphone


‣ RF Protocol: Bluetooth

‣ RF Operating Distance: up to 30m in unobstructed environment

‣ IR Operating Distance: up to 10m line of sight, in unobstructed environment

‣ Power Input: AAA x 2pcs


User Guide

ZRC-100NA User Manual



Product Catalogue

ZRC-100NA Product Catalogue




A1. You can control other IR devices but Smart URC-11 specializes in the control of A/V devices (e.g. TV, AUDIO, STB, STRM, etc.).

A2. No, you can only control your device within a 10m unobstructed line of sight.

A3. You need an active Wi-Fi connection to do the IR code setup and configure the remote.

A4. No, the Conexum app is free to download.

A5. Yes, you must have Bluetooth turned on and connected while using the Smart URC-11.

A6. The IR codes library will be updated automatically. You are available to get the new supported device of our IR codes library during the device setup in our app every time.

A7. You will have to upgrade to the Extender Mode with an in-app purchase through your Conexum app.

A8. You can click on any paired device in your Conexum app to be redirected to making an in-app purchase. Please see the video for a step by step guide.

A9. After locating your unit, you can press anywhere in your Conexum app or press any key on your unit to turn off the function.

A10. It connects to the Conexum app (which provides it with IR codes for your device) through Bluetooth and controls your device via IR.

A11. Smart URC-11 can control up to 4 devices.

A12. Make sure that your smartphone or tablet has an active Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection, your unit has batteries and you are operating the device within 10m unobstructed line of sight to the device you are attempting to control.

A13. There is a “Find my Remote” function in your Conexum app that you can activate by pressing the bell icon. It will make your unit emit a “beep beep” sound so you can locate it.

A14. Yes, downloading the Conexum app is necessary to use Smart URC-11 because it provides the remote with IR codes.

A15. The Smart URC-11 is compatible with the majority of the IR devices irrespective of their release date. If your device is not supported, please report at:

A16. For now, Conexum only supports English user interface but additional language packages will be added soon.

A17. Please follow the below steps before start the scanning again in Conexum app.

iOS user
1) Go to [Setting] -> [Bluetooth]

2) Check the list of “MY DEVICES”

3) If you found the device name as “Conexum_XXXXX_XX”, please click the the info icon on right of that row.

4) Click “Forget This Device”

5) Back to Conexum app to try scanning once again.

Demo videos:

A18. You can find the list of supported devices at:

A19. The Conexum app pairs with the unit and configures and readies it for use with your device (e.g. providing the unit with appropriate IR codes of your device, updating the IR codes, etc.)

A20. The Extender Mode allows you the control of up to 4 devices using your smartphone or tablet after you have purchased it in-app.

A21. The Smart URC-11 is a universal remote that can pair with and control IR devices (e.g. TV, STB, STRM, AUD).

A22. You can download the Conexum app from Apple or Google app store. Or you can scan the QR code attached to this FAQ.

A23. We constantly update the IR codes to ensure that the Smart URC-11 supports all the latest devices.