The Remotec's Journey began in 1988 when the PC industry starts

Headquartered in Hong Kong with branch offices in Shenzhen, China, Remotec Technology Ltd. is a software/firmware, IP, and data solutions partner with over 30 years of experience in the remote control industry. Originally known as Bondwell Computers in the 80s, it has transformed from solely an original equipment manufacturer of remote controls to a chipset agnostic company focusing on human interaction devices. Remotec utilizes its diverse capabilities and experience to provide value across the board in terms of its Infrared and Bluetooth code database, application and data services, API library solutions, and finished goods manufacturing expertise.

Bondwell’s Notebook Computer, Video phone and world’s first universal infrared controller (Circa 1988)


Our History

Remotec has transformed from a pure remote controllers company to now a fully integrated provider in smart controls, electronic gadgets, smart home appliance, cloud-service platform provider.

Members of the ZigBee, Z-Wave Alliance since 2008

A contributor at Bluetooth SIG Home Automation WG (SmartHome Subgroup) since 2017

Established worldwide distribution channels and supply chain management for brands

Over 28 years of innovative & field-proven expertise in the Universal Remote Control design & development, this company was a spin-off from Bondwell Computers in the 1980s, where we had developed the 1st Generation Universal Remote Control (URC).


Over the year since transforming and rebranding our company to be a technology and IP-driven solution provide, our innovative smart home solutions and our technology capabilities are recognized by the industry in Smart City, IoT and engineering institutions. The following is a list of these

Top Scorer and patent assignment from Panasonic Intellectual Property Limited – AIRXED at IP HatchDay 2019 by Piece Future

First Prize (Industry Category) – AIRXED

HK Institution of Engineers (END) IoT Development 2019

First Prize (Industry Category) – SmartAirCon

HK Institution of Engineers (END) IoT Development 2016

First Runners Up (IoT Category) – SmartAirCon

IngDan IoT competition 2016

Upgrading and Transformation Certificate of Merit 2015

Hong Kong Awards For Industries

The Remotec Team