What are the considerations before form factor design?


Remote control

Before the form factor design of a remote product, the following areas need to
be considered:
? Component area and location on the product –what’s the min components
area required? It may affect the available area allocated to input keys. or area
without keys.
? Economical PCB dims, as different PCB manufacturer has the economical size
? No of keys and control devices, types of keys that fit for user use.
? Is there a shift key function to save no of keys?
? Power requirement for the circuitry, where is placement of batteries in remote?
? Any LED indication and backlit requirement?
? For IR transmission, consider the front area design with and without lens
cover for the IR diode.
? When there is learning function, where is the learning diode location?
? Optional keys maybe covered by using inlay or changeable mold insert When there is directional key, the key shape and activation key type (such as
metal dome) need taking care.