Red Dot Award: Product Design – Remodo Duo+



August 2023

After winning the CES Innovation Awards earlier this year, Remotec’s Remodo Duo+ won the second prize this year, the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2023. 

Remodo Duo+ is designed to assist users in switching control between streaming and movies (Entertainment mode), and video conference call mode (VC mode). This duo mode remote connects and controls popular video streaming APPs on your laptop and also video conferencing platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype and many more. One click away from videos to online meetings. Chained to your desk no more, walk away from your laptop, and control the video conferencing with Duo+. 

Powered by green solar energy, smart search setup, lightweight and wireless connections… The combination of user-friendly and environment-friendly are also the features for the awards.

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